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Wedding Ceremonies


The wedding site is located directly in front of the Inn overlooking Middle Falls. The rental fee for the wedding site is $200 for parties less than 50 persons, $400 for parties larger than 50 persons. This fee includes power capability for musicians, staff to assist in coordinating your event, and the use of the parlor and gardens for picture taking. Wedding ceremonies may only be held at the Glen Iris Inn in conjunction with a reception.


The ceremony times are flexible but all events must conclude by 10:00pm. Rehearsal times must be scheduled with the wedding coordinator. There will be a one hour time frame available for a rehearsal.


In case of inclement weather, ceremonies of up to 30 guests in attendance will utilize the parlor or veranda as alternative sites. If more than 30 guests, the tent on the South Lawn will serve as an alternate site. The fee for the tent as an alternate site for a ceremony, when not being utilized for the reception, is $500.00.


Terrace Dining Room\Letchworth Room Dining Room


The Terrace Dining Room fee is $300.00. The Letchworth Dining Room fee is $250.00 and includes a portion of the side veranda.

White linen tablecloths and white or burgundy linen napkins are provided . Round tables are set-up for guests which seat up to 8 persons.

The maximum number of persons that can be accommodated in the Terrace Dining Room is 80. The Letchworth Room has a maximum seating of 30 persons.

Dancing in not allowed in the Dining Room.

Sit-down dinner service is the only style that is available in the dining room.

The Terrace Dining Room is only available until 4:00pm on a Saturday. All events utilizing this area must be scheduled accordingly.


South Lawn Cathedral Tent

A tent is required for any outdoor event.

Maximum of 120 persons in one tent. A second tent may be added to accommodate up to 250 persons.

Sit-down dinner service is available for parties of 120 persons or less. Buffet dinner or station-party styles are available for outdoor events for up to 250 persons.

40’x60’ White tent, cathedral sidewalls, white lights                                            $800.00

30’x60’ Additional white tent                                                                                     $800.00

Cathedral sidewalls for additional tent, per foot                                                     $1.00

15’x15’ Parquet dance floor                                                                                        $300.00

36” Round Cocktail tables, each                                                                                $6.00

48” Round tables, each                                                                                                $8.00

60” Round tables, each                                                                                                $11.00

24” Round standing cocktail tables, each                                                                 $11.00

White chairs , each                                                                                                       $2.50

Power for band or Disc Jockey                                                                                    $100.00

Portable Tent Heaters, 3 week advance notice                                                        $350.00

Portable Amplifier and Cordless microphone for ceremony                                 $75.00

Delivery and set-up                                                                                                       $75.00

Fans (maximum 3), each                                                                                              $50.00

Lighting for Additional tent                                                                                         $100.00

 House Policies

Applying to all weddings

1.         With the understanding that the Glen Iris Inn is an historic site with irreplaceable items, it should be treated with respect. Any decorations must be approved in advance by the wedding coordinator.

2.         The library will be available for two hours prior to the ceremony and up to one hour after the ceremony to be used as a dressing room. This room does not lock, therefore, arrangements should be made in advance to secure your property. We are not responsible for any lost or stolen items. As this is a room for all houseguests to enjoy, it is imperative that all items be removed in a timely fashion. Should it become necessary for our staff to clear and secure any items left in the library, a $100.00 cleaning fee will be added to your bill.

3.         Dancing music is permitted under the tent on the South Lawn only. All festivities must conclude by 10:00pm in accordance with Park Regulations.

4.         The bride and groom must arrange for their own officiant, musician, florist, baker, photographer and DJ or band. The wedding coordinator will provide information as to preferred services if requested.  

5.         Aisle runners are not allowed due to safety issues.

6.         Park entrance tickets are available through the New York State Park Administration Office (585-493-3600) and must be purchased in advance and given to guests. Generally, they are sent along with your wedding invitations. A receipt will be obtained from the Park Office at the time of purchase. This receipt, when given to us, will be deducted from your final payment.

7.         Alcoholic beverage sales are regulated by the New York State Liquor Authority and in accordance with our license the Glen Iris Inn is committed to its responsible service. It is our policy that no liquor, beer or wine be brought into the facility from outside sources. It is New York State law that no person under the age of 21 be served or have possession of any alcohol beverage. We reserve the right to refuse the service of alcohol to anyone who, in our judgment, shows signs of impairment.

8.         Decorating may be done the day of your event only. Times must be arranged in advance with the wedding coordinator. You may not attach anything to the walls or windows of the Terrace Dining Room or the Letchworth Room. Any items that are utilized in the tent must be removed at the conclusion of your event. Should it become necessary for our staff to clear and secure any items left in the tent or dining room areas, a $100.00 cleaning fee will be added to your bill. Wedding cakes and fresh flowers must be delivered the day of your event and cannot be stored in our coolers.

9.         A confirmation will be mailed to you if you have requested a guest room reservation block. Please contact our hotel office with any questions pertaining to overnight accommodations.

10.       Gifts and envelopes may be secured in the safe at the Glen Iris Inn. A designated guest must be present to count these items and sign for them. They may be retrieved the following day after 9:00am.

11.       No outside food or beverage is allowed at an event. No leftover food or beverage may be taken from the event.

12.       A deposit is required within 10 days of reserving a date. Final payment must be made in full by check or cash two weeks prior to your event.

13.       A Saturday event requires a minimum expenditure of $6,000.00 in food and beverage arrangements. A Sunday event requires a minimum expenditure of $4,000.00 in food and beverage. These minimums do not include sales tax, service charges, rental costs, hotel rooms or any miscellaneous fees.