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Glen Iris Inn

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Fall Menus start September 20th!

Pumpkin Sage Crème Brulee                                                     $7.00

            pumpkin crème with fresh sage and candied

sugar topping


Ice Cream Sundaes                                                                  $7.00

            cinnamon, hot fudge or caramel


Harvest Pie                                                                              $7.00

flaky crust filled with apples, rhubarb, strawberries, raspberries & blackberries, served warm with vanilla ice cream


Cranberry Almond Bread Pudding                                            $7.00

            Inn-made bread pudding with dried cranberries and

            slivered almonds, finished with vanilla sauce


Candy Apple Cheesecake                                                          $7.00

New York style cheesecake with warm cinnamon

apple topping


Chocolate Flourless Cake                                 GF                    $7.25

rich chocolate cake topped with pecan cream

            and candied pecans


Sweet Potato S’more                                                               $7.25

            sweet potato marshmallow crème mousse in a

            graham cracker pretzel crust topped with

            chocolate ganache, marshmallow and caramel sauce


Apple Cider Caramel Sundae                                                    $7.25

            chunks of fudge brownies and pound cake, maple

            walnut ice cream, apple cider caramel and whipped

            cream with a chocolate dipped pretzel


Pear Maple Crepes                                                                   $7.25

            crepes filled with mascarpone, nutmeg and cinnamon

            topped with brown butter poached pears

 After Dinner Drinks


Bailey’s Irish Cream     $8        Kahlua              $8                   

Chambord                    $9        Galliano             $7       

Cointreau                     $8        Grand Marnier $10

Drambuie                     $9        Frangelico        $8

Tia Maria                     $9        B&B                  $9                   

Courvoisier V.S.           $10      Limoncello        $8                   

Amaretto di Saronno   $9                               

Warm & Toasty Drinks

Glen Iris Coffee                                                          $9.00

freshly brewed coffee laced with Bailey’s, Grand Marnier and


Hot Nutty Irishman                                                     $8.00

hazelnut liquer, Irish cream and coffee topped with whipped cream and chopped nuts

Cinnamon Coffee                                                          $8.00

Cinnamon schnapps, Irish cream liquer, coffee and whipped cream

Butternut Coffee                                                         $8.00

Butterscotch schnapps, amaretto, coffee and whipped cream



Espresso   $3

Double Espresso   $5

Cappuccino   $5

Latte   $5

Macchiato   $5

Add vanilla, hazelnut, irish cream,

caramel or mocha for $1